Stone Kickoff… Great night!

So, as I posted earlier today, Stone kicked off their distribution in RI tonight at Track 84. I went. I drank… a lot. OK, so I only had 4 beers… but they were strong beers. I started with the IPA and moved on to the 11th Anniversary Ale. After that, I had the Double Bastard and then I finished the night off with the Ruination IPA. Now I’m sitting here drinking water… I’m really pretty damn drunk. Stone beer is strong. Anyways, the IPA is a nice easy-drinking IPA. It doesn’t have a strong aftertaste like most IPA’s. It poured crystal clear from the tap and had a nice citrusy hops taste to it, again with little aftertaste. It was excellent. The next beer I had was the 11th Anniversary Ale, which I tasted last Friday at Nikki’s. I should have tried this before the IPA because I think I killed my taste buds. I got all the hops flavor, but little of the roasted flavors that I got on Friday. Then I had the Double Bastard Ale, which was my favorite beer of the night. I don’t recall many of the flavors, but I do know it was really freaking good. Finally, the Ruination Double IPA, which was an excellent balanced Double IPA.

It was a really fun night. Met and hung out with some people I’ve seen and talked with at tastings at Nikki’s. I’m sure I’ll see them at Nikki’s on Friday at the Stone tasting. The only beer I didn’t get that I wanted was the Arrogant Bastard, but I’ll try that on Friday. Susan got the Smoke Porter which was a really good porter.

Well, since I’m pretty drunk and have very little feeling in my body, I’m gonna end this here. Have a good night and maybe I’ll see you at Nikki’s on Friday.

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