Harpoon Oktoberfest

All I have to say about Harpoon’s Oktoberfest is WOW. I’ve had a few Oktoberfests now and this one is my favorite (so far, I’ve got 2 more to go from this batch, along with 2 pumpkin ales). It’s quite the full bodied beer. It starts out with a nice head and a nice amount of carbonation. There’s an awesome balance of hops and malt. The hops is the first note, but as the beer warms, the malt flavors come out. There’s a slight roasted flavor to it and it tasted like there were some spices added (cinnamon perhaps?). This is a nice smooth beer. Anyone looking for a good Oktoberfest should definitely try this.

After writing this, I decided to look it up on Beer Advocate and learned that it’s not actually a Marzen as the bottle says, but it’s really an American Amber/Red Ale. Interesting… it didn’t taste much like lager, I guess that explains why. It’s still an excellent fall beer regardless of the style.

Tomorrow I think I’ll continue with the Oktoberfests as a comparison.

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