Continuing down my 12 pack mix…

Today’s beer was Post Road Pumpkin Ale from Brooklyn Brewery. It was very pale/amber ale-ish. There wasn’t anything really spectacular about it. It had a very slight pumpkin spice taste to it, but it was barely noticeable. There was a slight hops presence to add a little bitterness and flavor, but it had a pretty malty character to it. It was good, but about average. That was my first, of what I assume will be several, pumpkin beers this fall. I had only one last year and I want to say it was from Gritty McDuff, though it could’ve been Smuttynose. Whichever it was (I’ll be getting one of each of those this fall), it had a lot more pumpkin presence to it and was extremely good. Of the Brooklyn beers I’ve had, this was the lease impressive and most average. Next time I get beer, I’ll be sure to get a few pumpkin ales and maybe an oktoberfest or 2 (though I’m not as big a fan of the oktoberfests/marzens as I am of a good pumpkin ale). Tomorrow’s beer will likely be a brown ale (continuing with the Brooklyn beers I picked up).

2 thoughts on “Continuing down my 12 pack mix…”

  1. Brooklyn Lager is amazing, I haven’t been able to find much of it from Boston, but being from LI I used to drink it all the time. My friend brews his own beer, fish tale ale, and it reminds me of Brooklyn. He actually went to the Brooklyn Brewery where you can sleep over and drink all night! Now that’s a party.

  2. Brooklyn is a great brewery, and I love their lager. This one was a bit lackluster. Maybe it was me, but I just didn’t feel it with this one. Their Black Chocolate Stout is amazing though. Try it if you haven’t (check the BeerFly on for the good liquor stores near you).

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