More on Cox High Speed vs. Verizon FiOS

A friend of mine pointed me to this article from the Consumerist. Basically, it says that Verizon replaces the copper phone lines with the fiber optic cable. This means that your phone line will not work in the event of an extended power outage as their battery backup will only last 4 hours.

So, I have a question now… after getting another answer from a co-worker about FiOS being better than Cox because it’s a direct line that isn’t shared. Anyways, my questions is this: Will Verizon rip out the copper even if I do not have my landline phone service through them?

I do question some of the comments in the Consumerist article. I am not a fanboi of anything, but many of them seem to be FiOS fanboi’s. They make suggestions like “use your cell phone during an outage” (which would work so long as the cell phone was charged) or “people think 4 hours is a short period of time”. Come on now. Is Verizon, the big bad phone company that people loved to hate (and I still take issue with their wireless division and the ridiculous pricing and packages that cost more than any other carrier, though I still have them because they have the best service and good customer service), all of a sudden a god because they offer fiber to the home? Yet the competition hasn’t brought prices down as Verizon is charging just as much as the other providers and the only people who really care about fiber to the home (vs. cable or DSL) are geeks because the non-geeks just see the marketed speeds (which are the same for both my Cox High Speed Internet and Verizon FiOS) and the prices (which are again the same for me, though Cox offers me a $10 discount for having all 3 services from them – phone, cable, and internet – and now an additional $10 discount for signing on for 18 months, most likely to keep me from switching to FiOS when it’s introduced).

Well, this geek is still not 100% convinced that FiOS is worth it. Maybe if I notice a decrease in prices and the competitors actually duke it out (though Cox did offer me a decent discount, making my whole package less than it’d be with Verizon, not to mention Cox’s landline phone service is less expensive than Verizon’s). I guess we’ll see what the future holds in about 17 months when my Cox contract ends (around the same time my Verizon wireless contract ends).

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  1. I moved from NY to Phoenix, AZ and picked up Cox high speed internet (actually all three – phone, internet & tv). I had Verizon Fios which I really loved the speed was much better than cable DSL on my internet. There prices are very high but the service is better than Cox. Cox Communications is way cheaper than Verizon. But the quality is in the Fios. My computer is slower now and my built-in web cam doesn’t work properly, it slows down and shuts off. I never had that problem with fios.

    They don’t have Verizon Fios in my area yet, but we’ll see. Not much deals with Verizon, just high prices. It’s up to you.


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